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When the long Connecticut winter finally draws to an end temperatures begin to warm up, the first thing on the minds of many Fairfield County property owners is preparing and developing their landscapes for the spring season. It is an exciting time of the year if your interests include gardening, landscaping, and improving the appearance of your property. The Norwalk landscape design and maintenance professionals at Minutemen Land Services have helped countless property owners throughout the Norwalk, Westport, New Canaan, Greenwich areas and beyond, design and maintain beautiful and inspiring landscapes for their properties. We have compiled a list of suggestions below that you should take into account as you begin your spring landscaping duties.

Understand your climate and upcoming weather patterns. Before you begin your landscaping, it is important that you are certain that the cold weather of the winter season is entirely behind. A common mistake among property owners is that they begin to install new plantings when there is still a threat of of frost occurring, which can be extremely harmful to their health.

Do research to find out any harmful pests that exist in your area. Many property owners are of the belief that simply providing a sufficient level of sun and water for their plantings will be enough to ensure their health and vibrancy. However, a commonly overlooked factor are potential pests such as animals and insects that can destroy your landscaping. It is important to plan ahead by installing fencing or apply the necessary insecticides that will protect your plants from these elements.

Prepare for the growth to ensure necessary space for your plantings and map out an area. Before you plant your trees, shrubs, or garden installations, you should take into account how large your plants will grow and plan for space accordingly. As you select your plantings from the nursery, ask for a consultation of the height and growth requirements. Once you have selected your plants and estimated how much of an area is required for each planting, you can begin to stake out the space and location where they will be planted. You want to make sure that none of your walkways or view-lines will be obstructed. You should also take into account the power-lines located on your property as well as the potential of your property’s foundation being compromised by the roots of your plantings.

Spring landscaping can be a very enjoyable endevour that will allow you to fully enjoy your property during the warmer months as well as add market value to your home. If you are interested in enhancing your landscape this spring, you can contact the Norwalk landscape maintenance contractors at Minutemen Land Services at (203) 854-4949 for a free consultation. Over the years, we have established a reputation in the Stamford area as being reliable and high quality landscape design and installation company. We have developed and maintained landscape for commercial as well as residential properties of all sizes and scope. We also provide landscape masonry construction services and are committed to providing a superior service to each of our customers.

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